Solar on Tile roof

In Central Texas, solar on tile rooftops is becoming more frequent. In some markets, such as Arizona and parts of California, clay tile accounts for 90 percent of the systems installed. However, in Texas, comp shingle and standing seam metal roofs predominate. As the population of Central Texas grows, so does the range of interests, and we are starting to see a lot more clay tile and even slate in some situations.

Installing solar on clay tile provides several obstacles that typical shingle roofs do not. For one thing, the way you move around the roof is extremely different. Clay tile is resistant to the environment, but not to the foot steps of a 180-pound installer! As a consequence, our installation personnel are educated on how to maneuver across a clay roof without damaging a tile. For good reason, not all installation companies are prepared to take on the additional duty of servicing this market. However, when done right, the ultimate product may look spectacular.

Can Solar Be Installed on a Tile Roof?

Do you have a tile roof and want to install solar panels but are unsure whether you can? One of our specializations is installing solar panels on tile rooftops.

The good news is that you absolutely can! Installing solar on a tile roof necessitates a unique method, but it is doable. Solar installation on a standard asphalt roof would simply entail drilling into the roof and connecting your mounting brackets to the roof studs. To prevent water infiltration from roof penetrations, the area surrounding the mounting brackets is then sealed and a flashing is fitted.

The tiles must be removed when putting solar panels on a tiled roof. Drilling through the tiles may cause the tile to fracture and need to be replaced, increasing your installation expenses. If you have speciality or antique tile, it is best to have a roofing professional remove the tiles to avoid damage during the removal process.

After the tiles are removed, the mounting brackets and flashing are fitted in the same manner as they would be on a standard solar installation.
If you’d rather not remove the tiles, you can try to drill through them. Remove the tile and replace it with a mounting bracket if you prefer this way. Drill a hole through the tile you removed and insert a threaded rod into the mounting device.

To avoid leaks, seal the roof penetrations and apply flashing, regardless of how you install it. Our business has extensive experience installing on a variety of roof types, including tile.

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